Sunday, November 2, 2008 - the i'telligent way

What is it all about? What is jodbar?
I started this Blog to write about a project we just submitted to the KnightNewsChallenge2009.

To build ICT Innovation Paradise it needs much more then technology. We need qualified local people and a way to bring western and eastern cultures together as thousands of foreign developers will approach Phuket in the next years with their families to work and live here. LisAndi Family and their friends set the goal to prepare local Thai people for this great challenge. English as Lingua Franca needs to be trained as well as Thai for foreigners. IT qualifications need to be improved especially in the opensource sector. A good way to learn languages is reading news and watching multimedia channels like tv and internet. We develop a way to translate Thai articles into English and vice versa by mouseover. Instead of reinventing the wheel we use high quality opensource applications and connect them to one unit. eZ Flow to create a multimedia enriched multilingual community portal which is connected to Moodle where we provide courses from people for people like in an open university style and Mahara where people can create and manage their own portfolios i.e. to apply for jobs they can find on jodbar or elsewhere. It will be possible to create/watch news and multimedia items by mobile. Special applications for Cell Phones and USB sticks will enable Phuket citizens to update their personal multimedia news/blog sites with text, video and other multimedia content from any internet/mobile access. We utilize local Cable TV to deliver news to all those who don’t have a computer. The text feeds and video feeds will be connected to it and presented live round the clock on TV in a timeline based on the submitted date. Joboffers, news, product announcements will happen in real time. Real BarCamps and Meetings will enrich the social community and multicultural learning experiences. improves News Delivery to Communities

Phuket will be a multilingual and cultural melting pot. Unfortunately the Thai language and western languages differ a lot. Jodbar will break this barrier in presenting multimedia enriched content based on a timeline with mixed languages on different channels. This will encourage people to listen to other languages and learn them. Translated versions will be published again in the translated language. The Channels are Mobile, TV and Internet. We are creating an online News Community which produces multimedia enriched content to different themes which then can be translated by other users for users. All activity will be accompanied by qualified training in schools and communities to teach people how to write news and to use the new medium. is innovative

News articles can be enriched with live recorded videos. Most local people have no computers but mobile phones and TV. Therefore we will connect live video feeds to local TV and Cable services and create online channels for the news program which will be produced and self directed by Phuket people. We’ll enable local shops to present and market their products online. Each Phuketeer can run his own multimedia blog or function as translator and contribute to the community. Jodbar will turn Phuket into a vital community with lots of opportunities and real live experiences. Students will be able to collaborate online on news articles and translations. We're focusing especially on empowering ALL local people so nobody gets lost in ICT Paradise.

LisAndi Family and Friends build

LisAndi Family has successful managed Tsunami Relief Projects in Khaolak and Phuket/ Thailand to support schools and thai people with knowhow. We simply combined all those donated stuff which has been dropped by to really useful things, accompanied it with training and setup communities and partnerschool projects. Andreas Becker CEO/CIO of LisAndi Co. Ltd. has given lots of Active learning, Montessori and English Trainings, several free TYPO3 Workshops at UNESCO Bangkok and has been speaker on international conferences about Global Classroom, All Inclusive Education, OpenSource to empower the poor, Language Proficiency ... Since 2008 LisAndi Co. Ltd. gets promoted by the Board of Investments to give more training to Thai People and prepare them for Phukets digital future. Andi came to Phuket in 2004 to work as an educational director of an international Montessori School. When the Tsunami happened his family immediately helped thai people. We are working very close together with students from local Universities, Software Promotion Agency in Phuket, local schools, churches and organizations. We are a Member of the Phuket Software Industry Association and try to coordinate our effort with others to make the vision of silicon island reality. Our company was founded to finance mainly our social projects. It has developed Universities, Companies and the new UNESCO Bangkok Website with over 5500 Pages, 25000 Digital Assets. With eZ, Moodle and Mahara we have the the best supported and most stable CMSs at our site with their large communities.

Our Goal: Empowering Phuket People!